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A Guide to Swelling in Wooden Doors
A Guide to Swelling in Wooden Doors
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A Guide to Swelling in Wooden Doors

Wooden entry doors are beautiful and timeless. However, wooden doors are also prone to certain issues and require frequent maintenance. Today, roof and door expert Universal Roofing & Exteriors takes a look at swelling in wooden doors.

door expansion

Do Doors Really Swell?

In a way, yes. Over time, the fibers in a wooden door gradually expand. This causes the door and the frame to “swell up.” This problem is more common with wooden entry doors, but even wooden interior doors can also show signs of swelling over time.

What Causes Door Swelling

Our door and roof repair experts explain that all instances of swelling are caused by one thing: moisture being absorbed by the wooden door’s fibers. Once the moisture is absorbed, the individual fibers expand, causing the characteristic swell.

What Happens If My Wooden Doors Start Swelling?

A swollen wooden door is inconvenient. Because the panel is a bit bigger, the edge ends up pushing against the frame (which may have also shown signs of swelling). As a result, opening and closing the door can be difficult or even impossible. The swelling can also cause the bottom edge of the door to scrape against the floor, causing scratches or cracks.

Replacing a Swollen Door

Do you want a wooden door without the risk of swelling? Our residential roofing and exterior experts strongly recommend choosing doors made from composite, or non-porous materials. If you really want a solid, wooden replacement door, make sure that the new door was made with treated wood to prevent moisture absorption.

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