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How Clog-Free Gutters Make Siding Maintenance a Breeze
How Clog-Free Gutters Make Siding Maintenance a Breeze
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How Clog-Free Gutters Make Siding Maintenance a Breeze

Clog-free gutters don’t only preserve the beauty and structural integrity of your roof; they also help maintain your siding. When your gutters are clogged, water will flow over the side of your roof, drenching your siding—but with clog-free gutters this is never a concern. In today’s post, Universal Roofing and Exteriors shares how clog-free gutters delay the need for new siding installation:


How Clog-Free Gutters Make Siding Maintenance a Breeze

They Prevent Bubbling

The presence of bubbles is one of the telltale signs that your siding has seen better days. It indicates that water has gotten trapped under the siding panels. Of course, excessive indoor moisture and heat could also contribute to this problem, but clogged gutters are generally the leading culprit.

They Discourage Mold Growth

Mold loves moisture. Congested gutters overflowing with rainwater can cause your home’s exterior to have high levels of moisture for extended periods. Mold can grow on any siding material, especially during the warmest months. Although many things can pave the way for mold growth, keeping your gutters free from debris is an effective preventive measure.

They Mitigate Ice Dam Impact

While ice damming can occur even with clean gutters, clogs make the risk much worse. The formation of icicles on your roof’s lower edge is detrimental to your siding panels along with the wooden exterior walls and insulation behind them.

Regular cleaning can keep your gutters and downspouts blockage-free, but it’s not always enough. As a trusted roofer, we always advise homeowners to invest in a gutter protection system and  to trim overhanging branches as well.

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