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Pre-Winter Preparations for Your Roof
Pre-Winter Preparations for Your Roof
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Pre-Winter Preparations for Your Roof

The frigid winter weather can take a toll on your residential roofing system, but there are a few things you can do ahead of time to prevent damage. Read on as Universal Roofing & Exteriors shares tips on protecting your roof from common winter dangers.

Wind Damage

Strong winds are common in winter. Gale-force winds can dislodge roof shingles, creating gaps through which moisture can infiltrate the interior of your home. You can reinforce your roof by installing wind-resistant shingles, which are specifically engineered to withstand storms.

Moisture Damage From Snow and Ice

This can lead to a host of problems with your roof and the rest of your home, including:

  1. Ice dams – Ice dams form when melted snow reaches the edges of your roof and freezes, depositing ice at the edges of your roof. Left unattended, the water that’s backing up behind ice dams might seep through your roof, causing leaks. This is a common problem in houses with insufficient insulation. Before winter begins, check your insulation and have it repaired if it’s not in good shape.

  2. Condensation in your attic – The heat escaping to your roof can make for humid conditions in your attic, leading to mold growth. Making sure your roof and attic are well-ventilated can prevent moisture from building up inside your attic.

  3. Sagging roof – The ice and snow building up on your roof puts added stress on your roof, which is a serious problem that can threaten the stability of the entire structure.

Having Your Roof Inspected

The best way to reinforce your roof and prepare it for winter is to have a contractor inspect it. That way, they can fix any underlying issues before they affect other parts of your home.

Looking for certified roof inspectors in your area? Universal Roofing & Exteriors is a HAAG-certified contractor with more than three decades of experience. We offer a wide range of professional roofing services, including roof repair. To schedule an inspection, call us at (317) 257-0779 or leave us a message here. We serve homeowners in Carmel and Zionsville, IN, and the surrounding communities.

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