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Prioritizing Home Improvement Projects This Fall
Prioritizing Home Improvement Projects This Fall
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Prioritizing Home Improvement Projects This Fall

Fall is a great time of year to undertake many home improvement projects, from installing new siding to replacing your old roofing system. In today’s post, we offer advice on which projects you should prioritize:

Prioritizing Home Improvement Projects This Fall

Start With Your Roofing

By the time fall arrives, your roof has taken a beating from nature—from winter storms to spring showers to intense summer heat. This means it’s probably in need of maintenance. This fall, look at your roofing system first. Apart from repairing leaks and replacing old or worn-down shingles, it’s also a good idea to clean and unclog your gutters to reduce the risk of water intrusion and damage to your home.

Address Structural Problems

The term “home improvement” also means addressing existing structural problems with your property. While your roofing system is the most important, you should also examine other structural components, such as the drywall, windows, and the attic. Check to see if your attic is properly ventilated, as a poorly ventilated attic can hurt your home’s energy efficiency while also shortening your roof’s lifespan.

Switch to Long-Term Options

If you’re still using exterior wall paint, it’s time to switch to a more long-term alternative in the form of vinyl siding. Unlike exterior wall paint, vinyl siding does not require reapplication and can actually help improve your home’s insulation, perfect for the colder seasons! Siding also acts as an extra physical barrier, protecting your exterior walls from impact and abuse.

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