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4 Things to Consider When Picking Your Asphalt Shingle Color
4 Things to Consider When Picking Your Asphalt Shingle Color
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4 Things to Consider When Picking Your Asphalt Shingle Color

Style diversity is one of the most attractive qualities of asphalt shingles. Available in a vast array of color blends, asphalt shingles make countless home exterior palettes possible. The only downside to this is option overload–choosing the perfect color can be challenging with so many possibilities.

4 Things to Consider When Picking Your Asphalt Shingle Color

Read on as Universal Roofing and Exteriors discusses the key factors to consider to narrow down your asphalt shingle roofing color options:

  1. Your Home’s Personality: History can be a great teacher when it comes to choosing a roof color. Certain color combinations are emblematic of certain architectural periods. This is why homes in historic neighborhoods usually have predetermined exterior designs. What works for modern homes may not look good on traditional ones, so do your research first.
  1. Other Design Elements

Any architecturally savvy roofing contractor would tell you to look at the big picture. Your roof must coexist with the other elements of your exterior. You can’t choose a roof color without considering your siding, windows, doors, trim, hardscaping and landscaping. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an incongruous design that will drag down your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Neighboring Homes

Walk around the block and draw inspiration from other properties to see which palettes work and which don’t. The idea is to make your home stand out while conforming to the general theme of your neighborhood.

  1.  Design Tools

The GAF Virtual Home Remodeler is a handy, online tool that gives you a glimpse of what your home would look like after roof replacement. This way, you can see how different shingle styles interact with other design elements at the touch of a button.

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