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4 Things You Need to Know Before Your Roof Replacement
4 Things You Need to Know Before Your Roof Replacement - Universal Roofing & Exteriors
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4 Things You Need to Know Before Your Roof Replacement

With careful consideration, even a large investment like roof replacement can be straightforward. This helps you make the most of your project, letting you enjoy a roof that can provide the lasting performance you need. Universal Roofing and Exteriors, the expert in residential roofing in Zionsville, Indiana, shares four things you need to know before taking on your roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

1. Make sure you actually need it. Timing is essential when it comes to this home improvement. Do you need a patching job or a complete replacement? Roof leaks, for instance, may be minor annoyances, but they’re hardly enough reason to get a new system. You should also take note of the telltale signs, like your shingle roof’s age. If it’s already nearing, or is way past its 20-year life span, you should go for a replacement.

Other indications include: a large number of damaged or missing shingles; broken seals around flashing or roof valleys; and sudden increase in energy bills. If you need further confirmation, have the expert in roof repair in Carmel, Indiana, Universal Roofing and Exteriors, inspect it thoroughly. We’ll suggest your next step depending on the results.

2. Go for the right roofing material. Your choice can affect your new roof’s longevity and performance. For this reason, pick something that can withstand your area’s weather patterns and environment effectively. Since you’ll be living with your choice for long time, make sure that it complements your home’s architectural style, as well. Universal Roofing and Exteriors offers different shingles from GAF®, North America’s leading roof manufacturer. They come in a variety of thicknesses, textures, and colors. Some even emulate the look of premium wood shakes and slate, allowing for extensive design possibilities.

3. Hire a reliable roofing contractor. Roof replacement is complex work, but it’s nothing that a pro can’t handle. For a safer and smoother process, choose a reliable company like Universal Roofing for the job. We carry the right licenses and insurance to add an extra layer of protection to you and your investment. We also have GAF’s Master Elite™ distinction, ensuring that we can install your new roof in Carmel, Indiana, expertly and on schedule.

4. Get extensive warranties. Complete your project’s essentials by making sure your roofer can provide you with solid warranties. When you turn to Universal Roofing and Exteriors for your replacement, you may qualify to GAF’s Golden Pledge® Warranty. This exceptional option offers 50-year coverage on materials and 20-year on workmanship.

Keep your roof replacement stress-free by turning to Universal Roofing and Exteriors. With our topnotch materials and professional crew, we’ll help pave the way to a dry and damage-free home. Call us at (317) 257-0779 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.

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