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5 Signs You Need an Immediate Roof Repair
5 Signs You Need an Immediate Roof Repair
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5 Signs You Need an Immediate Roof Repair

Your roof will inevitably sustain damage due to its constant exposure to the elements. Since it is a significant investment, it’s important to fix problems right away, regardless of their extent. This will maintain your roof’s peak performance through the years and avoid premature replacement.

Roof Repair

Universal Roofing and Exteriors lists down the five signs you need a roof repair:

  1. Curling Shingles. This happens due to several factors. For example, since fluctuating temperatures cause your roof to expand and contract, the nails that keep your shingles in place would be forced upwards. Another is when you have a poor attic ventilation. Since moisture will build up, they become trapped between the underlayment and shingles. Fortunately, you can count on us to fix this issue.

  2. Damaged Flashing. Flashing is a sheet of metal placed on the joints of your roof to prevent water from penetrating the structure. When damaged or not installed properly, they can lead to leaks. As your trusted roofing specialist, we’ll replace or repair this component to maintain your roof’s integrity.

  3. Missing Shingles. Aside from sloppy installation, this occurs because of heavy winds and snow. We can replace a few missing pieces with ones that match the originally installed shingles on your roof. If there are several missing shingles, however, your roof might be already past its prime.

  4. Water Spots on Your Ceiling. There are times when you don’t see a leak until it causes some serious damage. That’s why it’s important to inspect your attic regularly. Water stains and mold growth on the ceiling may indicate moisture problems.

  5. Blistering. Blisters look like bubbles under the surface of your shingle’s granules. This is usually caused by excessive moisture. If the shingle breaks open, water can seep into your home. We’ll change the blistered shingle to keep your roof in top form.

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