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Drone Roof Inspections: How Do They Work?
Drone Roof Inspections: How Do They Work?
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Drone Roof Inspections: How Do They Work?

Thanks to the advent of technology, more and more roofers are offering drone roof inspections, which can make roof inspections safer and faster than ever before. There are two drone inspection methods to consider: manual and automated.


Here’s how both methods work.

Manual Drone Inspections


When you’re having a manual drone inspection done for your roof, the roofer will fly their drone around your roof manually. By doing so, they can gather images safely from the ground. Between the two methods, this is considered to be the more complicated method as not only will the roofer have to fly the drone themselves, but they’ll also have to sift through the images of your roofing  system before creating a bid.

Automated Drone Inspections


Automated drone inspections are a bit easier to conduct than manual drone inspections. All the roofer has to do is type the job address and roof perimeter into the app to create a flight plan. Once they’ve done so and the pre-flight checklist is done, the drone can be launched. 


After launching, it’ll automatically map the roof and collect dozens of ultra-high resolution images. After five minutes, the drone will automatically return to the roofer and transfer the images to the mobile device the app is installed in as it lands, finishing your roof inspection in record time.


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