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Efficient Roof Assessments With Drone-Based AI
Efficient Roof Assessments With Drone-Based AI - Universal Roofing & Exteriors
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Efficient Roof Assessments With Drone-Based AI

As an XAP-certified roofing company, Universal Roofing & Exteriors is proud of the Kespry-XAP 360 partnership that Kespry announced in October 2018. Technological development is an unquestionable necessity in shaping the future of any industry. With drone-based AI designed to do just that for roofing installation, repair and maintenance, the future looks bright for not just our team but all the people we serve too.

Efficient Roof Assessments With Drone-Based AI

XAP 360 and Kespry

The XAP 360 roofing contractors network prioritizes the protection of customer properties and the maintenance of customer satisfaction above all. Kespry’s technology helps achieve these goals by providing roofing professionals with high-resolution images, real-time reporting and other tools designed to make the roof assessment process easier to manage.

How It All Works Out

At Universal Roofing & Exteriors, assessing roofs with Kespry’s drone-based AI takes every point of the process to a whole different level. In assessing roof repair needs, for instance, an assessment flight plan is created on an app. The drone then flies over your roof as designated. The entire process is fully automated, and all you’ll have to do is wait a short while as all the data you collect becomes available to access on the cloud.

What the Future Holds

The Kespry-XAP 360 partnership is ultimately aimed at providing roof maintenance and inspection specialists safer alternatives for doing their work. Efficient solutions such as this save time and money and elevate customer satisfaction levels at the same time.

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