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How to Restore Your Copper Gutters
How to Restore Your Copper Gutters
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How to Restore Your Copper Gutters

Copper gutters lend timeless elegance to any home. One of the best features of copper gutters is their incredible lifespan. Provided you invest in the right roof and gutter maintenance, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to worry about replacing your copper gutters.

What Kind of Maintenance Do Copper Gutters Need?

Just like with other elements of your home, copper gutters still need some maintenance to remain in tip-top condition. Be wary of discoloration that can be caused by leaves and other kinds of debris. Patina is a layer that builds up on the exterior of metals like copper, the result of an oxidation process over time. Some homeowners prefer to keep patina on their gutters for aesthetic appeal, while others choose to remove it.

Removing Patina

If you choose to remove the patina from your copper gutters, just follow these steps:

1. Pour and mix four cups of flour, four cups of salt and four cups of vinegar into a plastic bucket to create a cleaning paste.

2. Exercising great caution, place a ladder onto the edge of your home, being careful not to dent the material.

3. Hang the cleaning paste on a bucket hook.

4. Get a soft-bristled scrub brush and dip half of the bristles in the cleaning solution that you just made.

5. Wipe the brush on the surface in a clockwise manner and only stop once the solution is completely used.

6. Remove the solution with a soft cloth and check if all the patina has been removed. Repeat until the copper gutters on your residential roofing system are spotless.

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