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Making Your Roofing Inspection Checklist
Making Your Roofing Inspection Checklist
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Making Your Roofing Inspection Checklist

Now is the ideal time of year to have your roof inspected. Maybe some of your neighbors have already started getting their roof checked. Even businesses are in on it to see if their commercial roofing needs a few fixes. That’s your cue to do the same thing, so here’s a quick rundown of the things that should be included in your roofing inspection checklist.

Making Your Roofing Inspection Checklist


The flashing protects sections of your roof where the shingles can’t form a complete barrier, specifically in areas where intersecting planes are joined. When it rains or when the snow melts, water is naturally channeled along the roof’s valleys before flowing down the gutters. Even minor cracks in the flashing’s caulk can lead to major problems if ignored, so reseal them immediately.


Individual shingles can get damaged by the constant wear and tear, especially after the previous season. Look for problems that can cause the shingles to form gaps between each other. Cracked, warped, curling or blistering shingles must be removed and replaced. Fortunately, individual shingles can be replaced, so roof repair shouldn’t be that difficult unless the damage is widespread.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew growth are a clear indication of water retention in your roof. Not only do they indicate water damage; they’re also a health hazard and will drag down your home’s curb appeal. Mold and mildew should always be addressed promptly.


A problem with the gutter will almost always lead to a problem in the roofing system. Make sure the gutters are free from leaves and debris that could cause clogging. You should also watch out for signs of asphalt granules along the gutter trough; that’s a sign that your shingles are due for a replacement.

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