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Practical Knowledge: What Haag Certification Means
Practical Knowledge: What Haag Certification Means
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Practical Knowledge: What Haag Certification Means

Roofing inspections need to be thorough, as missing the tiniest detail can have grave implications for your house. For example, tiny drops of rainwater can seep through a miniscule crack, and, over time, moisture can accumulate and cause rot and mold in your roof’s underlying structure. A good inspector should be able to spot that crack and provide a good solution.

Practical Knowledge: What Haag Certification Means

The best way to ensure roof inspections are as thorough as possible is to hire a certified inspector. Among the many certifications awarded by industry bodies, the Haag certification arguably carries the most weight. Part of this prestige stems from the rigorous course and tests contractors need to pass to earn the certification.

Universal Roofing & Exteriors, your go-to company for roof repair work in the state, elaborates on the course requirements below.

Pre-Course Requirements 

Quality control begins even before the start of the course; only contractors that have accumulated considerable practical experience are allowed to take Haag courses. Commercial and residential roofing systems come with their own unique challenges, which is why Haag has a course for each. To be eligible for the residential and commercial courses, a contractor needs to have conducted at least 100 residential roof inspections as the primary on-roof inspector or at least 50 commercial roof inspections respectively.

Practical Courses to Build Practical Knowledge

As seen in the pre-course requirements, Haag places particular importance on real-world experience. That’s why only real-world case studies are discussed in Haag courses. Apart from case studies, contractors will also learn various inspection techniques and the makeup and installation of roofing systems. This ensures that Haag-certified inspectors will be able to accurately identify roofing problems.

Ongoing Education 

Of course, the industry is constantly changing, which is why contractors need to ongoing education. Haag certifications have to be renewed every year, and on the fifth year from the date of course completion, a contractor has to retake the course.

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