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Roof Repair: How Certified Roofers Prevent Botched Work
Roof Repair: How Certified Roofers Prevent Botched Work
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Roof Repair: How Certified Roofers Prevent Botched Work

When it comes to roof repair, pros are better then DIYers any day. You may think you can save on labor by going the DIY route or hiring the lowest bidder, but this is likely to backfire. To prevent a botched job, hire a certified roofing contractor like Universal Roofing and Exteriors. Here’s why.

Roof Repair: How Certified Roofers Prevent Botched Work

Proven Product Expertise

Asphalt roofing shingles may all look the same to you, but different products actually require different removal and installation techniques. For instance, there are right and wrong ways to tear off and fasten GAF products. Failing to carry out one critical step properly can affect the quality of the workmanship, requiring the need for roof repair down the road. Worse, any mistakes you make may nullify your roof’s warranty.

Certified roofers are factory-trained by the manufacturers they represent. You can rest assured that they will deliver high quality results that meet exacting standards.

Continuous Training

Consistent with their commitment to ongoing training, certified roofers stay up-to-date on the latest methods and best practices. They have access to exclusive educational materials, which you can’t Google. Manufacturers conduct studies and change repair procedures all the time. But even if you could get your hands on these technical documents, you can’t master them overnight.

Efficient Process

Efficiency is key to ensure workmanship quality, whether you’re handling a residential or a commercial roofing project. An inefficient product can lead to subpar work or even injury and property damage. Moreover, a lengthy construction project could needlessly expose your interior to the elements, which can result in discomfort and water intrusion.

Don’t underestimate the level of expertise any roof repair project requires. If your roofing system needs maintenance, turn to Universal Roofing and Exteriors to ensure faultless work. Call us at (317) 257-0779 for your free estimate in Zionsville, Fishers, or Indianapolis, IN.


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