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Why You Should Get a Roof Touch-Up This Summer
Why You Should Get a Roof Touch-Up This Summer
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Why You Should Get a Roof Touch-Up This Summer

Planning to do any home remodeling this summer? Before anything else, it’s a good idea to give your roofing a bit of a touch-up and some much needed maintenance work. Universal Roofing and Exteriors explains why.

Roof Touch-Up

Summer is the Best Time For Roofing Projects

Simply put, the weather is on your side. It’s generally sunny with only a few days of rain and the occasional storm. It’s also a generally “slow” season for any home remodeling project, and since many homeowners are on vacation, your roofing projects get done faster.

Summer is also an “interim” season since your roof just weathered the harsh cold of winter and the rain showers of spring. So if you want to prepare your roof for the cold again, plan for a summer roofing project.

The Weather is Perfect For Repairs and Replacements

Weather conditions are more favorable for roof repair and replacement during summer. Rain is scarce, and that means it’s less likely for moisture to set in your roof structure and shorten the life span of your new roof.  Slips are also less likely to happen, making summer a generally safer time to do any roofing project.

DIY or Professional Work?

While it’s easier to do roofing projects during the summer, it’s still better to have a professional do the work for you – especially if what you’re planning to do is a full-blown repair or replacement project. Our team has years of experience under its belt, and we can source higher quality roofing materials at better prices.

Remember – your roofing is only as good as how well it’s installed. When you work with us for your residential or commercial roofing projects, we’ll make sure your new roof looks good protecting your property for a long time.

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