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Metal Roofing Indianapolis
Metal Roofing Indianapolis
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    The roof is arguably the most important part of the home; in fact, without a roof, a house can hardly be called a home. The roof provides comfort, security, and safety from the elements. So if the roof ends up with any kind of damage, it could end up compromising all of the qualities that the roof is supposed to provide. The roof is particularly susceptible to wear and tear since it is exposed to the elements, and in Indianapolis, those elements can be varied and unpredictable.


Metal Roofing Indianapolis

There are many varieties of metal roofing, and the availability of metal shingles, shakes, slates, and tiles has improved the options metal roofs can provide. Finding the right metal roofing contractor is pivotal to installing or repairing your roof efficiently.  Metal roofs have been favored in commercial builds for years because they’re low maintenance, durable, and won’t require lots of repairs. Metal roofs have been a go-to for consumers in search of something stable and beautiful.  Understanding the basics of metal roofing can explain why choosing a metal roof may be ideal and the different types and options available with metal roofing. Residential and commercial Indianapolis roofing installation professionals can give you a free estimate on your next project now.

Types of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing varies due to the metals it can be made of. Metals used in roofing projects include aluminum, copper, metal shingles, corrugated metal, steel, zinc, stone coated steel, and standing seam metals. 


Aluminum roofing can be lightweight, making it easier to install. However, this can make it more vulnerable to harsher weather conditions. Aluminum roofing can be ideal for homes near saltwater and can last longer compared to other roofing options.


Copper roofing lasts a long time and can look very appealing to homeowners looking to spruce up their homes. This added beauty comes at a premium, though, because copper roofing can be the most expensive metal roofing option. 

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal roofs come in low maintenance panels that generally last a long time once installed. Corrugated metal roofs can be found throughout the old agricultural buildings and warehouses throughout Indianapolis, especially downtown. 

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles provide homeowners with flexibility in their metal roof installation because they can mimic the color and look of the roof you desire. Most people prefer the look of a metal shingle to asphalt shingles, but there are other benefits for your house property. A metal shingle is more resistant to damage from weather, like rain, hail, and snow. Metal shingle roofing projects can look like shake, slate, or tile roofing. 


Steel roofing, like the metal it is composed of, is sturdy and durable. Although it requires a lot of energy to create, steel can be a greener option due to its recyclability. Steel is the most recycled material in the world because of is its flexibility of use and cost.  Stone-coated steel roofing is another option available to Indiana homeowners. These styles of roofing provide the advantages of metal roofing while simultaneously appearing like shingles or tiles.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam panels fit together tightly in a way that makes them virtually leakproof. Standing seam metal roofs reflect UV radiation making them an excellent great choice for improved insulation. Standing seam metal roofs could keep your house cooler in hot weather while saving you money on A/C.


Zinc can stay strong for over 100 years due to its natural properties.  Zinc can easily be formed and manipulated into shapes. Zinc roofing is even more recyclable than steel and less expensive than copper. Zinc roofing can create chalky white dust that some homeowners find unattractive.

Indianapolis Metal Roofing Benefits

There can be several reasons to choose metal for your roofing systems. Before you get an estimate, it is important to get an idea of what your home might need. Do you require a roof that won’t require lots of repairs, or do you need something sleek for your commercial or residential installation? Before you decide, consider the following advantages of metal roofing:


Some metal roofs can be installed over top of old asphalt shingle roofs. This makes them faster to install, saves on labor costs, and keeps other costs low. Even though it’s not the cheapest option, it may be the most efficient and valuable over time. 


When metal roofing is properly maintained, it can last for 40-50 years. Your licensed Indianapolis metal roofing contractor can regularly inspect or repair your roof as needed. A metal roof’s ability to prevent leaks, resist corrosion, and provide more insulation to your home can make it one of the most durable options available. 


Metal roofing is available in a great many metal roofing colors, profiles, and textures. Due to the malleability of metal and the different types of metal available, these types of roofs can be perfect for your first home or repair project. A seasoned Indiana roof installation contractor can provide customizable metal options for your project.  


The most basic metal roof reflects more solar radiation than the average asphalt roofs absorb. The finishing you choose could make your metal installation even more energy efficient. Pre-painted and granular-coated metal roofs can reflect the sun while absorbing excess heat in warmer temperatures. 

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs can prove very resistant to weather-related damages because they don’t lose their protective layer like asphalt shingling. A quality metal roofing installation will withstand the test of time and can require less maintenance than their roofing counterparts. 


Metal roofs are made of recycled materials and can be recycled again whenever you want to change your roofing system. Metal is malleable and fits well on various types of roofs. Metal roofing is available in both steep-slope and low-slope applications to protect your chimneys, gutters, windows, electric systems while protecting your home from hail and snow. 

Frequently Asked Metal Roofing Questions

Metal roofing is one of the most popular options. However, there are still some concerns that prevent homeowners from choosing metal first.  Metal roofs can protect your property from inclement weather damage during a hail storm and keep your gutters on in a windstorm. Here are some of the most FAQ about what metal can do for your project: 

Is metal roofing loud?

Some homeowners expect these types of roofs to be loud, especially in bad weather, but they could be less noisy when you use the right insulating materials. Speak with an Indiana roofing contractor about what materials work best for you. 

Are metal roofs more likely to be struck by lightning?

Metal roofs don’t attract lightning any more than other roofs. However, if your metal roof is struck by lightning, it won’t catch fire the way other roofing materials would. Metal roofing can be a superior protection option. 

How easily is metal roofing damaged by weather?

Metal roofing is durable and can be rated to withstand 120-mph winds. Certain roofs can provide advantages depending on the style you choose. Your Indianapolis roofing specialists will understand which roofs work best for Indiana weather. 

Can I change the appearance of my metal roof?

Yes, because metal roofs could be made to look like asphalt, clay, slate, or even cedar.

Is metal roofing expensive?

Metal roofing costs more upfront than shingles made of asphalt but can drastically reduce your maintenance cost over time.  Due to their longer lifespan, roof contractors recommend metal roofing for those who want to save money in the long run.

Are metal roofs more energy efficient?

Good quality metal roofs could save homeowners up to 40% in energy costs. Metal roofs reflect heat and UV rays up away from buildings and are considered one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials available.

Why metal roofing?

Universal Roofing & Exteriors offers virtually all the roofing material options you need including shingles, tile and can meet the unique preferences and needs of each customer. Our Indianapolis metal roofing contractors recommend metal roofing because of its numerous advantages. Metal is sturdy, long-lasting, energy-efficient, recyclable, versatile, lightweight, good-looking, affordable, and suitable for homes and businesses.

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