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Storm Damage
Storm Damage | Indianapolis, IN | Universal Roofing & Exteriors
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Superior Storm Damage Services

Professional RooferRecovering from storm damage can be an overwhelming process. If you choose a trusted contractor to help you repair the damage, high-quality products & trusted labor will protect your home the next time a storm occurs. The team of experts at Universal Roofing & Exteriors has everything you need to restore the exterior of your home. We provide you with reliable, high-performing products, and we back them them with quality workmanship and commitment to integrity. When it comes to making major repairs after a storm, make sure to turn to a contractor you can trust.

Assessing Your Roof

Although the shingles on your roof are intended to guard your home from the elements, hail, rain, and wind that usually accompany a storm can cause significant damage. However, not all storm damage is visible. That hidden damage can lead to problems after a storm has passed. To ensure there is no underlying damage, a trusted contractor should inspect your roof after a severe storm for the following damages:

  • Heavy winds can rip shingles and tear them off the roof, leaving the underlayment, deck, or older shingles from a previous repair exposed to more damage.
  • Wind can further dislodge shingles by cracking the seal that bonds them together, creating vulnerability to wind-driven rain.
  • Hail can produce pockmarks and dents in shingles, removing the protective granules that guard against sun and rain damage.

We recommend that you avoid climbing on your roof, particularly after a heavy storm. The shingles may be slippery, and the entire roof structure may be compromised. Call a professional contractor if you suspect roof damage to assist you with the assessment. While assessing the roof, Universal can also inspect for storm damage to your siding, gutters, screens and other exterior elements of your property that were exposed to the storm.

Call a Contractor You Can Trust

When you need a help handling storm damage, trust the team of specialists at Universal Roofing & Exteriors. Contact us today at (317) 257-0779  to schedule a no-obligation appointment. You can also use our convenient online request form.

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